Let's Draw, Draw Out, and Draw Together! (Digital Playbook)

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Let's Draw, Draw Out, and Draw Together! (Digital Playbook)

Kailin Huang
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This is the visual strategy for connecting your groups with the big picture! 

If you can write, you can draw.

If you can draw, you can draw out ideas.

If you can draw out ideas, you can draw together people and their plans.

If we can draw together, we can 
connect our group with the big picture.

If we can connect with the big picture, we can get there together.

This book is our manifesto, and 
your manual for making the vision reality.

Digital Playbook (Version 1.1) features 164 pages of illustrations, insights, and exercises to get your visual thinking going. 

What readers say about "Let's Draw, Draw Out, and Draw Together!"

Hi Kailin, I really love your e-book, and thank you again for your offer! I like your book because there are plenty of pages I can actually practice visual thinking and graphic recording my self. I express my drawing! 
-- SeungGi Hong, Graphic Designer, Japan 

Hey Kailin, I just want to say, I really love your network engagement and capacity building efforts - I think it's awesome and impressive! :) Thank you for raising our level of awareness, interest and also capabilities in visual!
-- Stanley Fong, Organisational Coach at LEARN | GROW| LEAD, Singapore

Hi Kailin! I read your amazing book today, really really inspiring! Thanks a lot, I'm a big big fan of your simplicity in this work :)

-- Mona Ebdrup, Freelance Graphic Recorder / Facilitator / Teacher & Project Leader, Switzerland

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